Full and Associated Membership is open to all persons showing a genuine interest in the Society’s Objectives. Associated Members, must reside at the same address as a Full Member and have the same rights but do not receive copies of the Society magazine, The Wolfpack in return for their subscription.

Annual Membership from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022 is:

  • Full UK Member – £10 (if you would like The Wolfpack to be posted to you), otherwise it is £7.00 (you will receive The Wolfpack by email).
  • Elsewhere the subscription rate is £12 (if you would like The Wolfpack to be posted to you), otherwise it is £9.00 (you will receive the Wolfpack by email).
  • Associate Member – £2 (at the same address as Full Member has the same rights but receives no magazines).
  • Overseas members may pay in the currency of their country (ascertain rate of exchange and round cheque up to the next dollar). Your renewed membership will last to the end of July 2022.

Membership subscriptions can be paid via one of the following four options:

  • By standing order or by completing the Standing Order form and submitting it to your bank
  • By a bank transfer to International Relf Society please contact
  • By paying via PayPal (
  • By posting a cheque at the appropriate subscription rate to: Cliff Kemball, Treasurer/Membership Secretary, 168 Green Lane, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 6AY, UK

The Membership Application Form can be downloaded from here.  or The Membership Renewal Form can be downloaded from here.

Once the Form has been filled, please email to


OBSERVATIONS: If one does not pay the membership fee by Banker’s Order, the extra postage is very, very minimal. We are members of an international society and, in the future, a member in Australia, Europe or the U.S. could be the treasurer. Another reason to have the bank account in the U.K.!


It is not necessary for you to make your payment in UK sterling funds. Just issue one of your regular cheques in the currency of your country in an amount that will be sufficient to buy £9 or £11 and the Society’s bank will convert it to sterling. Then you do not pay bank charges to your bank unless your bank charges for each cheque issued or for cheques above a specified number for which they do not levy bank charges.

Members enjoying a reunion held annually together with the AGM