Family Trees Projects

There are 28 different trees currently held by the “IRS” 27 of those are listed with a brief description in the historical “IRS” Archives through the Members Area page, with a clickable button which will take you to view the tree in the Family Trees page. These will be uploaded to the Family Trees page very soon.

Relf & Variants Data Projects

Between the various members of the International Relf Society over 120,000 records of the Relf name and its variants exist. This includes all the births, marriages and deaths from 1837 to 2002, a large number of entries from the IGI and various Vital Record Index entries. At present only civil marriage records for England and Wales for the period 1837 to 1919 are held in the Relf archive. Access to the archives can be made through the Members Area page.

Relf & Variants DNA Projects

In 2009 a DNA project was started. Initially the Y-DNA of five male volunteers representing five separate RELF/RELPH/RALPH family’s. In 2019 the RELF Y-DNA project was setup  in,  (please visit the site). The project has been evolving very rapidly since then with more participants joining the project.

we are looking for males with the RELF or variant to take the Y-DNA and Ancestry test and females who has a RELF or variant in their Ancestors to take the Ancestry test to build on our data in the International RELF Society. Ancestry test can be downloaded by a RAW file and can be uploaded to the following sites, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, LivingDNA Find My Past  & GEDmatch

If you would like to take a DNA test, please contact the DNA Co-ordinator. Access to the DNA project can be made through the Members Area page.

Special request of Males y-DNA Testers to answer some questions on the Kent Tree

Any Descendants of the following :- (to do a y-37 or y-111 DNA test at least two people preferably 3rd cousins ish). Please come forward

William RELFE
BIRTH 20 NOV 1701  Cranbrook, Kent, England

Mar 17 Apr 1735               Beckley, Sussex, England

Elizabeth AXELL
BIRTH JAN 1717 • Brightling, Sussex, England
DEATH MAY 1763 • Brightling, Sussex, England


William RELF Mar Mary Baker
BIRTH OCT 1743 • Brightling, Sussex, England
DEATH OCT 1790  Burwash, Sussex, England

Isaac RELF Mar Ann Maria Allingham
BIRTH NOV 1745 • Brightling, Sussex, England
DEATH APR 1819 • Brightling, Sussex, England


James RELPH 🧬
BIRTH 20 JUN 1687 • Cranbrook, Kent, England
DEATH 24 JUN 1757 • Cranbrook, Kent, England

Mar 14 Jun 1713                St Dunstan, Cranbrook, Kent, England

BIRTH DEC 1681 • Cranbrook, Kent, England
DEATH DEC 1754 • Cranbrook, Kent, England


Richard RELPH 🧬 Mar Elizabeth Oliver
BIRTH ABT. 1733 • Cranbrook, Kent, England
DEATH MAR 1811 • Horton Kirby, Kent, England


George RELPH 🧬 Mar Elizabeth Wallis
BIRTH ABT. 1761 • Hartley (near New Ash Green), Kent, England
DEATH 13 JAN 1847 • Horton Kirby, Kent, England

James RELPH Mar Sarah Wood
BIRTH ABT 1762 • Hartley (near New Ash Green), Kent, England
DEATH MAR 1842 • Fawkham, Kent, England


Richard RELFE 🧬
BIRTH ABT. 1703 • Cranbrook, Kent, England
DEATH MAY 1766 • Tudeley, Kent, England

Mar 8 Oct 1730                  All Saints, Tudeley, Kent, England

Elizabeth MERCER
BIRTH NOV 1709 • Speldhurst, Kent, England
DEATH MAR 1788 • Tudeley, Kent, England


Richard RELPH 🧬 Mar Mary Wells
BIRTH JUN 1734 • Tudeley, Kent, England
DEATH JAN 1819 • Brenchley, Kent, England

Thomas RELFE 🧬 Mar Sarah Mitchell
BIRTH NOV 1738 • Tudeley, Kent, England
DEATH Unknown


Thomas RELF
DEATH MAY 1788 • Brightling, Sussex, England

Mar 25 Jun 1770                Etchingham, Sussex, England

Margaret NASH
BIRTH AUG 1747 • Wadhurst, Sussex, England
DEATH APR 1816 • Brightling, Sussex, England


Please go to and join the Relf & Variant DNA Project

and email
DNA Project Co-ordinator:
Peter H T Relph

with a brief description of your male descendants line

If you are a Relf & variant not related above it would be great that you would join and be part of the DNA project.

This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


The primary intention of the Web site is initially to spread the ‘RELF’ word and encourage new members.For those who having once visited the site – be sure to check back from time to time as the site should be updated on a regular basis.

Website designed and developed by Matthew Bell & updated by Peter H T Relph

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Are you able to visit local / regional family history research centres?
  • Do you like looking at old documents?
  • Do you have any language / writing skillls?
  • Do you like to do research?
  • Do you like being part of a team?
  • Do you have any social media experience
  • Do you have any computer technical experience?
  • Do you live outside the UK and be our International Co-ordinator?

… and most importantly …. do you have some spare time?

Zoom training can be given

The International Relf Society is currently run by a VERY small group of volunteers who find some time to help run the society and coordinate and participate in the projects. Due to age and health problems, and to help the longer term sustainability of the society, we need new volunteers who have all sorts of skills to help even you have just a couple of hours a month.

If you are interested in finding out how you can help the Society, which in turn can help you and your fellow members, please contact our Chairman (see Contacts) to have a chat about your interests to see how you can help. Such discussions are totally without any obligation, and it would be nice to hear from you too.

Our aim is to have fun whilst sharing in delivering the various projects which have the RELF & variant name, history and genealogy at its centre.